Adding Airport Data

You may have noticed that we’re actively working on adding new charts to Avare. Recently we added topo charts for Canada, and are looking for volunteers to help with expanding that effort and adding other countries. Since we want to keep Avare completely free, we’re only adding maps that are free such as the Canadian topo maps we found online, and maps derived from OpenStreetMaps.

Of course, aviators also need airport data and other info, so we’re also seeking free sources and volunteers for that. We’re about to add more data of this kind for Canada, to a future release of Avare. Such free data is often incomplete or may even have errors, so we strongly encourage our users to help with the global efforts by aviators that are making accurate data available to everyone at no cost. So far, the FAA is providing official and accurate data and charts to us at no charge so all U.S. materials in Avare are sourced from the FAA.

For anyone interested in helping us add and correct maps and data for other countries, here is the format information:

LocationID Text,ARPLatitude float,ARPLongitude float,Type Text,FacilityName
Text,Use Text,FSSPhone Text,Manager Text,ManagerPhone Text,ARPElevation
Text,MagneticVariation Text,TrafficPatternAltitude Text,FuelTypes
Text,Customs Text,Beacon Text,LightSchedule Text,SegCircle Text,ATCT
Text,UNICOMFrequencies Text,CTAFFrequency Text,NonCommercialLandingFee Text

For example for SBA
SBA,34.4261944444444,-119.8415,AIRPORT,SANTA BARBARA
RAMSDELL,805-967-7111,13.4,14E,,100LLA,NY,CG,SEE RMK,Y,Y,122.950,119.700,N

Airport runways table is (one entry per table):
LocationID Text,Length Text,Width Text,Surface Text,LEIdent Text,HEIdent
Text,LELatitude Text,HELatitude Text,LELongitude Text,HELongitude
Text,LEElevation Text,HEElevation Text,LEHeadingT Text,HEHeading Text,LEDT
Text,HEDT Text,LELights Text,HELights Text,LEILS Text,HEILS Text,LEVGSI
Text,HEVGSI Text,LEPattern Text, HEPattern Text

For example for SBA

Airport frequency table is (also contains tower remarks):
LocationID Text,Type Text, Freq Text

For example for SBA

Navigational aid table is:
LocationID Text,ARPLatitude float,ARPLongitude float,Type Text,FacilityName

For example for LAX
LAX,33.9331438888889,-118.432006388889,VORTAC,LOS ANGELES 113.60
LAX,33.7458508333333,-118.336183055556,VOT,SAN PEDRO HILL 113.90
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Big News – Forum

We have launched the new Apps4Av Forum, and are beginning to shift news and announcements to that more convenient medium. Ever since we began publishing Android apps for aviators, users have been eager to contact us with questions or requests and we’ve been eager to respond and to make announcements to our users.

On the Forum we hope to begin building an interactive community, where you can keep abreast of the latest developments. You can also ask questions, help with solutions, or share tips with other users. The Forum can also serve as a place to share your requests for changes or new features.

Please help us, by joining and participating in the Forum. Even by just subscribing to email updates, you’ll gain from knowing about any problems, fixes or updates. You’ll also benefit from tips and tricks offered by other users. If you post questions, requests, problems, solutions, feedback, or anything you’ve learned that might help other users, you’ll benefit by helping us to grow the user base. An active Forum can increase the Donations that enable us to keep all our apps free, and save us time that can go into adding new features.

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PIREP – Flying Avare

I have just flown Avare 3.6.8 to Freeport Bahamas and it was a fabulous resource. I loaded all charts & A/FD into Avare (amazing it’s all free!) on a Nexus 7. I all but ignored the panel GNS430 with 2010 world Jep, and my trusty old Lowrance 1000 with really old Jep. Those had a few minor strengths and were reassuring as backup, but Avare was by far the most useful. The Nexus 7 cost half what my antique Lowrance did when I bought it on clearance at “end of life” several years ago, and has already paid for itself several times over in chart/EFB savings with Avare (yes, I donated and am still far ahead on costs).

It’s very useful having real FAA Sectionals, WACs, and TACs that are current. Especially in the Caribbean where you can spend half the cost of a Nexus 7 just on books and charts that you won’t need at all with Avare aboard.

Thank you Zubair for a great app that’s making flying safer and more affordable!

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About Donations

• How is my donation used?
Your donation is applied toward Avare’s continued improvement, and toward the internet fees we pay for providing charts and other FAA materials on our server. None of the Apps For Aviators volunteers receives any financial compensation from donations, and some of us have even donated both our time and money.

• Why does a Software only application need money for improvement?
FAA charts, databases, and plates must be pre-processed from 20 GB files by an old desktop PC into Avare’s much smaller files that can be easily downloaded and displayed on any Android device. In addition to our internet expenses your donation will help buy a faster PC so that we can produce better quality charts. Once donations have paid for a PC upgrade, we will apply future donations toward ADS-B receiver purchases to enable adding free in-flight traffic and weather capability for a variety of receivers. We also welcome temporary loans of ADS-B receivers, so that we can add them to the list supported by Avare.

• Are there any hidden costs to the application?
No. The application is totally free. However, we will probably be forced to pass along any fees the FAA may eventually decide to start charging everyone for FAA charts and other materials that are currently paid for by fuel taxes and other FAA revenue.

• Why does Apps4Av provide the application free?
Apps For Aviators is run by volunteers who like to fly and to write software code. The coding allows us to improve our programming skills, while making friends in the aviation and software communities. We like to hear your stories and ideas, and see your aircraft. By providing the application for free, we are joined by more volunteers, meet more people, learn more, and reduce everyone’s cost of flying safely.

• What happens if I do not donate?
The application, charts and other materials will probably continue to be provided free because other people will continue donating their time and money. Many pilots have been willing to share with all of us some of the money Avare saves them, and some pilots have even donated much larger amounts to help us and the entire aviation community.

• What happens if no one makes a donation?
We have been very pleased by all the support and encouragement of the aviation and software communities. If all donations were to stop, the Apps4Av team would probably continue donating our own time and funds to keep the project going for at least a little while and then find other exciting things to do.

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Problems on Droid X & Early Devices?

Some problems have been reported with the latest version of Avare on the Droid X that may also affect other devices running Android versions earlier than 3.1. If you have upgraded Avare and are having problems, please let us know so we can look for workarounds.

One problem stems from the fact that early versions of Android have severe memory limits and other issues that are extremely challenging for an app like Avare that manages many large graphic files. We’re actively working on solutions, and will post more information on Play store and/or here as solutions develop.

Another problem is that our server was unexpectedly shut down by our provider, so we’ve had to move it to one that assures us they can handle the high traffic volume associated with charts and weather. This change of the links hard-coded into Avare means that Downloads and other features in Avare may no longer work on versions of Avare other than the latest.

If you have upgraded and find that Avare no longer works on your device, you could try reverting back to version 3.5.4 or an earlier version using the Manual Install instructions on this website. Because the Downloads will no longer work on earlier versions, to preserve your charts and other Downloads we suggest you rename the com.ds.avare folder before uninstalling the new version.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties as we work to resolve these problems.

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Gyro -> IF-I

The AI/Heading app named Gyro has been updated and renamed to In-Flight Instruments (I-FI). Be sure to Update and check out the improvements.

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