Avare • Screens

Avare has improved and changed often but this Introductory website is updated infrequently so please also visit our Play Store or Forum for the latest. Our YouTube Apps4Av Channel is also updated infrequently but may be helpful in getting acquainted with Avare installation and basics or learning a few tricks, and if you Subscribe you’ll be notified anytime something new does appear there. To explore all of the very latest screens and features, we invite you to just install the free open source app and a small selection of the free FAA materials formatted to work with it.

Here are some sample screens to give you a quick sense of some Avare capabilities and the overall interface. The screens captured most recently are on top, with some older screens below. Again, this site is infrequently updated, so even the most recent screens here are likely to not be the latest version, or to show the latest features and interface.

Avare v8.1.2 on new rooted $100 2019 HD-10 tablet

Avare v8.1.2 on rooted new $100 HD-10 tablet in Landscape orientation, Avare “Simulation” mode,
small Font settings for Android & Avare, “Distance Rings” on with “2/5/10″ setting.
Note: images on this website are down-scaled, thus reducing resolution and image quality.

Avare v8.1.2 Sample Screen

Avare v8.1.2 on phone (Android Fonts set larger) in Landscape mode with runway guidance & distance rings On.
Note thin horizontal scroll bar at bottom for bottom tab row (drag black bar to see more tabs beyond “3D” tab).

Avare Plan (2 screens)

Two phone screens, Portrait mode, offline no GPS (Avare v8.1.2). Plan (Inactive) on Left, Map (Plan Active) on Right.
Green dot is a “rubber band” point, (long-press on the track and dragged to the right for sanctuary transition guidance).

Avare v7.6.8 2017

Avare v8.1.2 on SM-T350 tablet:
Map screen during ground planning with Draw on (Find IZA for Destination).
Note the blue Right Traffic indicator line for IZA runway 8, Left for 26.

Two Avare v7.6.8 Portrait mode screens from S7 phone, 2017:
VFR Track (no Destination); & PFD (example only).

Screen Sample From A Much Older Avare Version

This screen capture was done March 28, 2014 on a Nexus 7 tablet showing Nexrad radar on Avare 5.4.5 in Landscape mode zoomed out to show precip with GPS acquired, AEX as destination, and the device stationary on the ground. Note that some of the Dynamic Fields (across the top) have been changed from defaults by the user (double-tap), with “background” (gray bar) on.

Nexrad On

Nexrad On

This screen capture was done October 1, 2013 on a Nexus 7 tablet in Portrait mode showing an Active Plan from IZA to O52 via SMF to avoid TFRs. Chart Type is set to WAC and zoomed out to show a large portion of the route.