About Donations

• How is my donation used?
Your donation is applied toward Avare’s continued improvement, and toward the internet fees we pay for providing charts and other FAA materials on our server. None of the Apps For Aviators volunteers receives any financial compensation from donations, and some of us have even donated both our time and money.

• Why does a Software only application need money for improvement?
FAA charts, databases, and plates must be pre-processed from 20 GB files by an old desktop PC into Avare’s much smaller files that can be easily downloaded and displayed on any Android device. In addition to our internet expenses your donation will help buy a faster PC so that we can produce better quality charts. Once donations have paid for a PC upgrade, we will apply future donations toward ADS-B receiver purchases to enable adding free in-flight traffic and weather capability for a variety of receivers. We also welcome temporary loans of ADS-B receivers, so that we can add them to the list supported by Avare.

• Are there any hidden costs to the application?
No. The application is totally free. However, we will probably be forced to pass along any fees the FAA may eventually decide to start charging everyone for FAA charts and other materials that are currently paid for by fuel taxes and other FAA revenue.

• Why does Apps4Av provide the application free?
Apps For Aviators is run by volunteers who like to fly and to write software code. The coding allows us to improve our programming skills, while making friends in the aviation and software communities. We like to hear your stories and ideas, and see your aircraft. By providing the application for free, we are joined by more volunteers, meet more people, learn more, and reduce everyone’s cost of flying safely.

• What happens if I do not donate?
The application, charts and other materials will probably continue to be provided free because other people will continue donating their time and money. Many pilots have been willing to share with all of us some of the money Avare saves them, and some pilots have even donated much larger amounts to help us and the entire aviation community.

• What happens if no one makes a donation?
We have been very pleased by all the support and encouragement of the aviation and software communities. If all donations were to stop, the Apps4Av team would probably continue donating our own time and funds to keep the project going for at least a little while and then find other exciting things to do.

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